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The world of online real estate is a global business that reaches across continents, domain extensions, and languages. Every effort is made to communicate effectively with potential clients regardless of language or location.

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We take trademark and copyright infringement very seriously and avoid domain names that could be easily confused with any major brand name. If you believe that a domain that we hold is infringing on any rights, please contact us so that we may resolve the matter in a professional manner.

Clients personal information is something the we do not take lightly either. Your info will be used responsibly.

Trust is critical to success and any contracts or agreements will be honored as worded.


Imagine an internet in which all the most useful internet addresses (domain names) were actually being occupied by valuable website with the resources we were looking for when we visited.

Selling domain names to individual and businesses at prices they can actually afford so they can build a better internet!


To invest in online real estate such as domain names and social media branding with the goal of helping individuals and businesses build valuable websites at premium online addresses and share my experiences to assist others in doing the same.

Let me know how I can assist you! What resources would be helpful to you as an online real estate investor? What questions do you have?

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